To Dissent, or Not to Dissent and other 100 word vignettes


Only by force shall dissent be suppressed
The force of time and history
The force of repeated words
The force of weaponry:
What troubles is gouged from rock
Carved and made art
And placed upon a pedestal
A likeness to something.

There are six things the politically correct hate, and seven which are an abomination to them. Bright eyes and questioning tongues. Arms which shed cardigans, and hearts which devise common sense plans. Feet which hastily run from big brother and lungs breathing clear air; and those who reap words from dissent, making them honorable.



The King of Rain
With the belly of a Zeppelin
Carries heavy storms
Which erupt each spring
When gifted by farmers
Who threaten to rip open his belly
If it doesn’t rain,
Or if the King dislikes their gifts.

Once there was nonstop rain and it brought a great flood. Only one farmer and his family and flock survived. By fortunate coincidence the farmer was a bathtub collector. And soon he fashioned a vessel for his brood to sit in and to float upon the rising waters. Eventually they met the King of Rain and they gave Him new gifts.



Only Sacred Kings
Do not die a natural death
Thinking of Jesus and Kennedy
And Caesar as another.
For their reputations
Would be lowered
If their extraordinary lives
Ended ordinarily.

But get this. From their presence earth and sky flee away, into space and beyond. The sea gives up the dead who were in it, Death and Hades give up the dead who were in them, and then Death and Hades are thrown into the sea of fire. If the Sacred King’s names are not written into history, all who loved them are thrown into the sea of fire.



Olympic swimmers
Famous for their gold won
Famous for their endurance
Had their severed birth cords
Cast upon raging seas
In the belief
They would become great competitors.

It is well known that in a race all the swimmers swim, but only one receives the prize. They do not swim aimlessly; they do not kick as one kicking the air. They discipline their bodies and keep them under control, lest after swimming hard they should be disqualified. Thus it is well known that it is not only folklore which sustains them.



His insults traveled the world
As an internet virus.
And the hurt cannot be healed
Until his words
Now floating in cyberspace
Are neutralized
By some sort of regret.

Eventually he will hear voices from clouds like the roar of heavy rains and like the sound of loud thunder. The voices he will hear mimic the sounds of rock guitarists playing atonal riffs. He will find in them the melodies he’ll need in order to sing the praises of the 144,000 women who followed him wherever he went and were too scared to touch him.



The car which injured a pedestrian
Was soon quarantined
And washed inside and out
Fully serviced and tuned
Its warranty renewed.
And it is expected
The pedestrian’s injuries
Will accordingly heal.

Though one’s outer self is temporarily crippled, the inner self is renewed day by day. This momentary affliction is a preparation for other tragedies beyond all comparison, as one looks not just to things that are seen but to the things unseen, and inevitably to death. All things that are seen are transient, and things unseen just so, forcing a life to try and continue fairly well.



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