From Nothing Comes Something and other 100 word vignettes


Little is left of the God
When the eyes the ears
The senses that feed one’s brief being
With the fruits of living
Landscape and the weather
Friends and all that uplifts one
Is enough,
More than enough.

Two friends are better than one, should both be well rewarded for their toil. For if one falls, the other will lift the friend up. Again, if two lovers lie together, they keep warm, better than one who keeps warm alone. And a loner will prevail against being shunned provided none challenge his fortitude in the face of overwhelming pity.



As a tribute to the Financial Analyst
A besotted co-worker
Dances naked upon the Analyst’s desk
To the charivari of heavy metal music.
Crouching then jumping like a monkey
Demonstrating the Analyst’s
Physical strength and mental agility.

The Analyst then seizes the dancer, poking two fingers into the eyes, and binds the dancer with handcuffs. The head is shaved and the dancer is left in a dark room until the hair grows back. The dancer is lead back to a more senior desk after the Analyst had again understood where the money grows and written it as a management report.



The extracted confession
Polluted by fear
Has meant the person
Giving it
Had their will submit
To the disease of terrorism,
For toxic air
Favors the oppressor.

Whosoever resists will incur terrorism. And be afraid of those who exercise it. They do what is right, and their friends give their approval, for they are servants to right. And if infidels do wrong, be afraid, for terrorists do not bear guns in vain. Avengers they are, who carry out their wrath on wrongdoers. One must be in subjection, not only to avoid their wrath but also for the sake of conformity.



Her heart passed through the hands
Of her mother
And her mother’s mother
And her mother’s mother’s mother
And it was not tainted
By disappointment
When returned to her,
And therefore she is ready for love.

Her’s will be a love patient and kind; unwilling to envy or boast; nor will she be possessive or rude. She will not insist on her own way; she will try not to be irritable or resentful; she hopes to learn from her wrongdoings, and rejoice when finding out the truth. And that there will be disappointment is inevitable.



Life is meaningful
For men who leave the world
As martyrs
Having fought to the death.
And having enjoyed the fight
They die with erections
To meet heavenly virgins above.

The martyrs meet the virgins but hate them on finding no evidence of virginity. Then Allah comes to show them the evidence of virginity. He will say “Here is the evidence of their virginity.” And Allah spreads the under garments before the martyrs for them to see the color. And still the martyrs argue with Allah and he sends them to Hell and to Eternal Celibacy.



She felt his stomach cancer
By ingesting meat
Rancid and maggot filled
And passing the remains
Through her tracts,
So that her brother
Dying in the next room
Might yet be saved.

By this she gives love, which in desperation, she is laying down as pain for her brother. And if cynics see her and her brother in need, but close their hearts against them, how can empathy abide in them? Let them not criticize in talk but discover their own love through remorse. Her deed might be of no avail but it doesn’t matter.


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