My Name is Nobody and other 100 word vignettes

Opposites Repel

Behind mirrors lurks the Unlikeness
That, if given a chance
Will drag the looker
Through the mirror
The horror
Of the Likeness
Being far too much
For the wretched Void.

The Likeness had once lain down in green pastures and had stood beside still waters. It walked through the valley of the shadow of death, fearing no evil. It had prepared a table in the presence of its friends and enemies; its body anointed with oil; its wine cup overflowing. All this only made Unlikeness more jealous and treacherous and its chance became ever more real.


Sowing the Seeds of Love

Beware smiling politicians
Bearing great promises
In exchange for your vote,
For after they get it
Few policies will get traction
And instead
Like a portrait photographer
They have taken your soul.

They had plans for themselves: plans for welfare and not for self serving, to give the people a future and a hope. They were to be easily approached, like a shopkeeper, like a pedestrian, like a tiller. They would listen to problems and to ideas for a better future. They would discuss the future for the children to grow into. They had plans to work for the community.


The Good Name Dog

Should dogs die out
Humans will give the species
A new name if dogs return
For none will speak of them in their old name
In reverence to them
Because the lives of dogs
Are full of great joy
And with sorrow.

A God will be dreamt up who’ll say “Blessed are you, the dogs, for your kingdom is this God’s. Blessed are you who are hungry, for you shall be nourished with food and with love. Blessed are you when people are cruel to you and eat you and use your name “dog”, when they are insulting”.


My Name is Nobody

Nobody has been asked
Why he is Nobody
And not Napoleon or Buddha
Or Somebody at least.
And Nobody replies every time
That if he had a name
He would only utter it
In an indulgent and offensive manner.

Nobody does nothing from rivalry or conceit, and in humility counts others more significant than himself. Nobody looks to the interests of others. He has this mind among himself, who, though he is in the form of God, counts equality with knowledge to be grasped, making himself nothing, taking the form of an idea, being born in that likeness.


When Shit Fills the Can

Among traveling pilgrims
Before water closets
A belief was held
That their souls might leave
When pilgrims emptied their bowels
By the road.
So they’d hang on
Until journey’s end
And release on the chamber pot.

They didn’t know they were still losing the secrets of the kingdom of heaven. For to those who have, more would be given, and they will have abundance, but from those who have not, more will be taken away. Many look but they do not see, and hear but they do not listen, nor have they understood.


The Restaurant at the End of the Plank

At a restaurant famous for salmonella
The master chef and his staff
Eat what is prepared
Sitting with the patrons
Discussing the five star menu
And creating a bond
Between customers and staff,
But not every night.

Inasmuch as the staff have undertaken to compile a narrative of the things that have been accomplished among them, just as those, who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and customers from whom fame has been delivered, it seems a good idea to them also, having followed all things closely for some time past, to write an orderly account of the salmonella outbreaks.


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