Eveandrude the Holy Mistress of Aether

Once upon a time there was a very holy woman to whom the world looked upon for spiritual guidance. Her name was Eveandrude the Holy Mistress of Aether. But despite her name being the most prominent, the most uttered, the most famous, her early life before she came into world prominence remained a mystery. Her pre-eminent time was not documented for she had forbidden its investigation. She did not tell of her genesis, nor whether she has siblings or relatives, and her birth place is not revealed. Eveandrude, since her divinity, insisted through her regular sermons that she has had no life before. Her disciple’s first words described Eveandrude becoming divine when she first bled. It was then written that her divinity is never before, but what has become, and what will always be. She said she had no past because it is the present that matters most. Hers is a life between the two eternities, the forever past, and the forever future. And it was written that she is the first cause of change unchanged by anything else, and from her all things necessary to life are to come.

She lived on Earth solely for the purpose of doing good. And what she has done has been chronicled in a language that was understood by all who have read the Big Book about her. Although she said she was no different to anyone else and no different to the creatures on land and in the sea, to be nonetheless outstanding she demonstrated her uniqueness by walking the earth in a flowing white robe she had made from the clouds. A robe whiter than all known whites and which cannot soil. This was in the days when filth was normal, and the fact that Eveandrude always looked clean was as astonishing as it was mystifying to the dirty people who followed her.

In her power were the world’s needs, for people viewed her as the bridge between conscious life and life beyond death. She told them to what part of the sky their spirits will go after their death. She taught the people the correct ways of behaving toward each other. She performed miracles. She healed the afflicted. She tilled then seeded drought parched lands. To grow crops she made clear water gush from unexpected orifices on her body. She neither ate nor drank, and she was not sexual like the world’s young women. She told parables about the lives of birds and animals. She would sweep a deep cold lake with her left hand and bring a school of fish to its banks. She would share the bounty.

Her divine presence and her transcendence did not require a leap of faith. Rather it was who she was and what she symbolised, which then evolved into a universal sense, and which kept evolving as new people came into an ever changing world. The people’s judgments of her were based on a shared perception as someone divine, whose words were to be trusted. And her words and deeds sped on the grapevines which globalised the world. But since there were individual differences, which became tribal differences which blew into disputes and then into war, even Eveandrude was doubted.

The spirit of the time was made for Eveandrude. It was a time bereft of direction. Her influence became like a hurricane that swelled and rose from nowhere, and which swept over far lands, its particles dispersed by winds, its destruction and its aftermath the fulfilment of the expectations of a world looking for a better way. She was a great person who could lead, and the times in which she lived her leadership fulfilled fundamental human needs and wishes.

And such was the love of Eveandrude the people’s bodily functions acted only in response to her. Even if they could not see her the people could sense her. They knew her whiteness was not far away when the sun’s rays reflected back off the earth’s surface, like a spotlight in the sky. Her subtle lavender fragrance muted the stench nearby. Her voice pierced buildings. Her footsteps were like earth tremors. Thinking men and women, who had long left behind the instincts of animals, now put no other gods before Eveandrude. They worshipped the earth upon which she walked, never taking her name in vain, coveting nothing but her blessing, and who were rational in afterthought. What people saw as disparate within themselves saw nothing disparate in Eveandrude. She was untouchable.

That was until she deliberately gaffed. She had long been divine and pure and a mother love totem for the world’s people. And they have depended on her for long enough. It was time for her to get out and leave the world to its devices. She was a woman who by now had gone beyond womanhood. Only fools would worship her mystery that was no longer about her. And thus she revealed to the world that she was pregnant with child, a son, whose father was a spirit who came to her in a dream one night nine months ago. Her flowing white robe was now a maternity smock. And in childbirth she would die.

Eveandrude was almost ninety years of age when she revealed this in a final sermon, and the news soon travelled the world’s grapevine. Not before a week was out did anyone in the world not know. It was taken for granted that Eveandrude would live forever, and now the truth was out. To the people she was much more than what she appeared to be. Therefore they wanted her to be immortal. They wanted billions of words to be written about her. They wanted the entire world to be in her likeness. They wanted people to gather in buildings and under canopies and worship holy images of her. They wanted her name to explain the unknown. They wanted her absence to be what faith actually is. She will be the true one who had to leave, the one who is the only question, the one who is neither further away nor closer; when she is gone her name will be the true expression of hope. The future will be without her physical presence, but her legacy will live on forever. She will become legend. And they will definitely meet her again.

She sermonised that her son will talk of her and nothing else. And then his sons and his sons, and all males and females must listen to them. They are her offspring and none will come before them. They will write scripture about her. They will devise feast days to celebrate her life. They will say that none can follow her upwards and be spirits in the sky unless they believe she truly walked this earth, not as an earthling, but as the most ordinary being who has ever lived. She is to be the one believable myth that will go down the long, long years, even into the far off 21st century.

In this final sermon Eveandrude said she is merely a seer who reveals what she sees in humanity. But she sees theological disagreements over her meaning. Her words will be misinterpreted. There will be violent arguments between fundamentals and liberals. Many will refuse to believe in her. Her life before she became divine shall remain unknown. In a world where knowledge is paramount and where science rules, the mysteries of life and death shall be just as evident as when she was alive. When the world’s people communicate remotely by touch they will stumble upon Eveandrude in many new ways. Both love inspired and abhorrent deeds will be committed in her name. In the quiet dark she will be called for in prayer.

In this final sermon she revealed that as a spiritual guide she never truly believed in herself. Looking deep into herself she never found conviction. She was crippled with doubt. She did what she thought she needed to do when she heard voices in her head telling her she was divine. Once she began to bleed she could not believe that she involuntarily bled. She could not understand that there would be any reason for it. And while she bled for years she did not want others to be unclean like her. She saw her filth and cleansed it with white. When she saw the world’s filth she would tell its people her pure self would make something useful of it. She told the world to do what she said, and then would she feel better about herself.

Her first son she said will be the first to proceed to right all her wrongs. And her redemption will be guaranteed and forthright. The world will mourn her for eternity, ever seeking her, ever praying to her, ever thanking her, ever pointing to her as the explanation for the unexplainable. For the future world cannot be without her, because she is the beginning, and she created herself, and all who follow in her footsteps will be by their way, their truth and their light for her to see.


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