Essay – Among the Principle Passions

It is something for a person to proudly walk and learn, and to work and not misunderstand the meanings of difference, and then go about quietly ignore the correcting scoffs. He and she delight in what is there to be known, wanting to know more. And what is learnt is then meditated upon, in waking and in sleep. He and she shall be like a planted tree in an open field which fruits when the time is right and whose leaves discolour naturally, and then fall, and in time renews. And so it is that ignorance is everywhere and it won’t go away, and the ways of it are the mental stains from its manipulation. The self is that portion of inheritance whereby its inquiry falls uninhibited into pleasant places; yes, from a goodly heritage, when self counsel instructs the body for instinctive reasons. It will show the path as a sustaining path of life: with fullness of joy; and the kind of pleasures for evermore.

Learners rejoice in themselves, and praise from fellow travelers is fitting. Thanks are given to the self on message boards; with honest text offering praise. Learned selves write new verse; skilfully and with playful intent. For what is learnt is true; only one’s works are trustworthy. The self who loves knowledge and right fills the mind with satisfaction. By the self’s imagination heavens can be made; through honest breath, deep friendships. Given to receptive ears meditative words hearken unto voices within. Into the self can be put a trust: it can be done is as though like a bird flying in the wilderness to its nest. Strange that many still say in their hearts, there is no self, only a mythical creator, the one who dwells in the self. They are corrupting, for they praise abominable works; there are none who have done much good.

The waters of the sea gathered as in a bowl is the world of the deep unconfined. Let none on the earth fear but raw fear; let all who dwell in the world show reverence to it. For it speaks as it comes to be, unpredictable, standing its place. It foils the plans of community building; it frustrates the designs of the creative. And though it will stand forever, generations, by observing the whole human race, will fashion understanding in all who know fear’s works. A child is not necessarily saved by a mighty army, nor is a farmer delivered from drought by prayer, useless can a machine be for safety; fear’s great derivations generate no surety of a meaningful challenge. Therefore eyes are cast upon the imaginative, upon those who seek solutions, delivering sufferers from catastrophe, keeping them alive in times of creative famine.

Give knowledge to it, all persons, give to it glory and might; give to fear the reverence due to it when it has no name. The voice of the rational is heard over the troubled waters in the bowl; sense common to all thunders over these mighty waters, its voice power; the voice of the community is splendid. Its voice cracks the impasses; it splinters the walls of testament set in stone; it makes lethargy leap like a young deer and apathy like a young bull. The voice of knowledge strikes with fiery intent; the voice of knowledge rocks wastelands; knowledge rocks the desert of complacency. Knowledge twists the aggressor’s gape, and strips the hatred bare of its roots. Fools say in their hearts there is no fear. Their deeds are reckless and corrupt; not one can do wrong in the face of their welling sense of them.

Who are to hear the pleas for something like the truth? Is there truth? Many will pay heed to its cries. Who might listen to words spoken with guile? ‘If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless’ – James 1:26. From the self, reasoning should come; clear minds sense the rise of gut feeling. But nausea from doubts test the heart, searched for in mental darkness. Trials by fire find malice. Mouths transgress with gossip and innuendo. Loose lips instructed by ego and power spew words whet with hallucinogens. Mouths refill with proud roaring. Bellies are bloated with gas, for they share with their lower intestines utterings from proud mouths, their faces in buttock’s cracks, the same faces hanging over necks.


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