Fiction – The Ruling Thatcher Dynasty in the Year 7024 AD.

For centuries the Thatcher dynasty has progressively ruled over its people under the watchful eye of the Conservative Party. This long dynasty, though innately conservative, have often been accused of being radical, even communist, and anarchist by the true Conservatives, who remind the Thatchers of their duty to its people, and to not go too far with reform. For example, many years ago pet rock lovers wanted legal and spiritual marriage in the same way other lovers have had for millennia, and a strong lobby group petitioned the Thatchers to accede to their demands for equality. The Thatchers seriously considered their proposition, with a view to further social reform, and they consulted the true Conservatives, who advised against it as being contrary to the spiritual law, which they are in charge of. The Thatchers offered a compromise – a civil recognition of pet rock lover partnerships, even though this might make their counterparts unhappy; who, by virtue of being in perpetual opposition, will cite moral disintegration. The true Conservatives, as keepers and interpreters of divine wisdom, nevertheless did have the final say, since sexual unions are ultimately spiritual. After much argy bargy between the Thatchers and the true Conservatives, and a stalemate having ensued, pet rock lovers activists agreed that some progress was better than none, and they accepted further compromise – an underground recognition of their union, and on condition their unions are discreet, i.e. no newspaper announcements and the ceremonies to be conducted at night away from civilisation, so as to not rile the militant element of the true Conservatives. This is quite a good example of how the Thatchers respect for true Conservative opinion helped resolve a difficult issue. This is known as democracy. The true Conservatives are the keepers of spiritual law, and the Thatchers interpret the law of ideas. All laws are then to be considered and this is known as the rule of law.

Progress in the society depends on the rule of the Thatchers and no thought is given to the true Conservatives ever ruling in their own right. It was once tried when Callum West of the true Conservative faction the Liberals staged a bloodless coup and usurped the 5th Thatcher dynasty in the year 5055 and ruled for five years. Having not much idea of government the Liberals created schisms in society which caused previously unassociated radical groups, unhappy with true Conservative rule, to combine and overthrow the Liberals. There was much bloodletting long unheard of, with many suicide bombings, executions and kidnappings. For the populace these were very troubling times, and eventually a strong member of the Thatchers returned from exile and restored order. After the coup, the Thatchers were reinstated by the rebels, and immediately a question was put forward to the people asking them whether the true Conservatives should be given the opportunity to rule again, despite the recent troubles. This is known as a referendum. The no vote was 86%, the yes 10% and the rest abstained. A second question was then put to the people. Should true Conservative caution be nevertheless enshrined in law, in that every Thatcher ruler must consider the apprehensions of the true Conservatives when they are implementing social change? The yes vote was 66%, the no 29% and the rest abstained.

Thus since that brief revolution the Thatchers and the true Conservatives have worked reasonably well together under the rule of law. Another good example of this is in the area of medical research. It was proposed by scientists, always interested in making human life better, that certain instincts in humans could be removed by isolating particular genes. The instinct to mate could be separated from messy notions of love and lust because sex and this has been since biblical times and statistically proven over generations, has brought nothing but moral and emotional chaos to lovers, families and society. Scientists proposed the genes responsible for the narcotic experience of lust and love be removed, which will result in happy children and stable families. No more confusion and no more regret. This idea wouldn’t necessarily apply to pet rock couples. The Thatchers were interested. The true Conservatives had their doubts. They’ve always believed that society is not a laboratory in which citizens have their essential though flawed characteristics removed by scientific experiment. The divine has instilled free will and all behaviour is chosen, and any consequences are answerable to the divine through guilt, private prayer and redemption. This is known as freedom of choice, and it is enshrined in the values of freedom so cherished by the true Conservatives. Choice would be taken away from people if natural instincts were removed. The Thatchers considered this argument and ruled that certain genetic alterations to human instinct taboo, and subsequently outlawed the science.

The true Conservatives have always had a great influence on shaping society’s values. At times however they can be reactionary. When a couple were filmed making love on the parliament steps outside of night light hours, the act was deemed immoral behaviour and immediately outlawed by the true Conservatives as sexual exhibitionism. The behaviour, although driven underground, was tolerated by most of society who regularly watched the film in the privacy of their homes, and by the progressive Thatchers who believed that no human behaviour, no matter how deviant or unnatural, could be repressed forever. This policy became known as freedom of speech, something the true Conservatives struggle with, since they are the enforcers of moral law mandated to them down the centuries. The true Conservative lawmakers are guided by the one book, the teachings of the omnipotent divine. This is how they regulate human behaviour. Yet conformity is not without deviance. Should freedom of speech have limitations? The Thatchers allow the true Conservatives to grapple with this fundamental issue whilst their rule remains open to all possibilities.

If there is one failing of the Thatcher dynasty it’s the superstitious fear of the number 5. Since the revolution the number 5 has been removed from all texts and visuals. It is a number virtually non existent in thought. For instance, recently discovered geomorphologic formations that happened to resemble the number 5 have been destroyed. The number 5 is being obliterated because of its association with bad times. This is known as political correctness. When a child has reached 4 it can look forward to its 6th birthday. We are living in the Thatcher year 7214 during the 12th dynasty and we can look forward to a New Year celebration of the year 7216 during the 12th dynasty. This has created havoc among mathematicians, not to mention computer programmers, accountants, scientists and every professional working with numbers. In an absurd sort of way, progress, which has been the mantra of all Thatcher rulers, is currently being thwarted by superstition. Serious problems arising from this dilemma can only be resolved by the Thatcher rulers who created them in the first place. These fixes are known as politics. This is much to the disgust of the true Conservatives, frustrated not by their moral mandate, but politically, because they believe the two are intimately connected.

A kind of progressive stalemate has emerged. No sooner has an idea been revised without the number 5 and implemented a new problem emerges. Any new problem has to be investigated by the Thatcher bureaucracy until resolved. It might take months, it might take years. This is called the public service. For example when the atmosplane was recently invented, on its first flight and upon reaching a certain altitude it skipped the once universal number 5 and began to fly around willy nilly causing mission control no end of problems, not least where it will land; the atmosplane being nuclear powered. And when it is to fly again its speed is bound to be misinterpreted by its instrument panels because the number 5, though physically missing on the dashboard, is intended to be there because some unknown in the Thatcher bureaucracy and probably in greater society can still perceive it. It will have to stop mid air and start again. How will it do that? The idea for suspension in time is therefore soon to be born. But how will suspended time be managed without the number 5? These practical questions are too much for the true Conservatives. They ignore them, and all other problems caused by the missing number 5.  Privately however, the true Conservatives believe this philosophical and scientific loop created by superstitious Thatcher policy, and the ceaseless problems associated with it, should help keep these Thatcher bastards honest.





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