Atheists need to know the Christian Truth about Life and Eternity.

The world is an evil system under Satan’s dominion which is opposed to God and His KINGDOM.

God cannot be merely a projection of the human imagination, because the Bible says God actually EXISTS.

Jesus is the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through him. If Jesus is not known then neither is his Father. And those who do not know him have not seen him and are therefore BLIND.

Jesus said the God-given Bible is completely free from ERROR.


Those who disobey the word of God cannot believe, and disobedience is the root of ATHEISM.

Those who are faithfully lead by the word of God will go to Heaven, and those not faithfully lead by the word of God will NOT.

Sinful acts alienate humanity from God; heretical sins cause sinners to ultimately reject GOD.

Though the original writers took an active role in the writing of the Bible through their individual personalities, their will over what was written was guided by the Holy Spirit the entire WAY.

Only Atheists can truly be God in order to deny God’s EXISTENCE.


Humanity is not cognitively equipped to fully understand the grand plan God has for IT.

Humanity could not possibly give itself true meaning, because if it did then there would be no GOD.

The righteousness of denominational Christians is made powerful by their conviction for what is RIGHT.

The word of God is in them who are alive, the word of God in not in them who are DEAD.


Only fools say in their hearts there is no God, while the wise will always know BETTER.

All humanity is sinful, but believers are blessed to be less sinful than ATHEISTS.

The ones who have faith in the Word of God will obey, whereas the ones who do not submit to faith will SUBVERT.

It is no good for the individual to be self willed and be esteemed by it because the individual is of no great worth before the eyes of GOD.

God upholds all things by the word of His POWER.


Believers are the children of God, while atheists are merely CHILDREN.

Humanity cannot solve its problems without God’s guidance, whose guidance is the Bible for all humanity to HAVE.

A fault of atheism is its denial that the true works of God are not necessarily OBVIOUS.

It is atheism’s folly to turn away from the TRUTH.


Sinners must recognize their sinfulness, and they will be saved, but those who do not recognize that they sin won’t be SAVED.

God is beyond the limitless human IMAGINATION.

The Bible reveals all the evidence needed for God to be actually REAL.

God says in the Bible His thoughts are not humanity’s thoughts, neither are humanity’s ways His ways. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are God’s ways higher than humanity’s ways, and His thoughts are higher than humanity’s THOUGHTS.


God has given humanity eternal life, and this life is in his Son. Those who have the Son have eternal life; those who do not have the Son do not have eternal LIFE.

All faith is blind but God exists to help sinners to SEE.

The problem of evil is answered by God through the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the WORLD.

God cannot be denied when the evidence of his making is all AROUND.


Everything in the universe has a cause, except GOD.

To win the argument for God one needs to learn to speak in God’s LANGUAGE.

God came through revelation to the original recipients as supernatural breath which became words, and his words were accurately written down through INSPIRATION.

The memory of Christ was indeed incredibly powerful, and approximately 35 years after his death the truth about him began to be WRITTEN.

There are many Christian ways to salvation which are considered false by many Christians, but a true reading of the Bible renders these falsehoods completely HARMLESS.






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