Melanie’s Friend and other 100 word vignettes

Sinewy Variations

There are some whose personalities

Go astray,

And if they are not liked

No one will seek them

But if they are

They are best caught in leather boots

Since attractive personalities

Are easily slipped into.

For just as the personality is one and with many variations, and all the variations are of the mind though many, they are still of one mind, and so it is with the body. If the foot should say, “Because I am not a hand, I only belong to the boot.” The hand agrees for it is a variation of the foot.


Melanie’s Friend

Melanie believes

That if she tells all who ask

Who she is

Then that would mean

Revealing her imperfections,

That is why she has a special friend

Who goes with her

And tells her story instead.

Two are better than one, because they have reward for their toil. For if one falls, the other will lift up her fellow. But woe to her alone when she falls and her special friend cannot lift her up! When they lie together, they need warmth, but how will they keep warm? Thus when new flesh arrives, a threefold cord is harder to break.


Insects and Wizards

There were once powerful wizards

Who looked to punish transgressors

By turning them into insects,

And with traps made of bamboo

Tantalizing and sensual,

Wizards would capture them whole

And burn them over fires

Sending the rogue souls farther away.

Ethical wizards lift their drooping hands and bolster their weak knees, and make straight paths for their feet, so that what is lame may not go out of joint but rather be healed. They’d strive for peace with the insects and for their forgiveness, so that there is no root of bitterness in them.


Back to the Future

In a high wired asylum out back

A sorcerer psychiatrist with a DSM-IV

Sells mental illnesses to people

Who are displeased with their cure.

Either a replacement of their own

Or another not tried,

And the psychiatrist guarantees

They will leave satisfied.

“Fear not,” says she, “For I have confirmed you; I have called you by name, you who were once mine. When you go, I will be with you; and before the irrational, for they shall not overwhelm you; when your diagnosis is a badge you shall not be confused, and the chemists shall not consume you.”



When chants of the away team

Are on song after a goal

The home team supporters

Wave fluorescent batons in the air

To drive the salacious chants

From out of the stadium,

Lest they descend onto the pitch

And inspire another.

Losers must teach themselves not to be sad, nor to set their hopes on the uncertainty of winning, but on a good game, which richly provides them with everything to enjoy. They are to feel good, to maintain hope, to be ready to praise, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life.


Walk this Way, Not That

As evening draws in

A building’s shadow lengthens

And in it are the ghosts

Of inhabitants past,

Their genders inconclusive

Their ages irrelevant

Their class unacknowledged

In the egalitarian dark.

The living are surrounded by a great cloud of drifting witnesses, let them lay aside every weight, and anxiety which clings so closely, and let them run with endurance the race that is set before them, looking for the dark’s entrance; and who, for the joy that was set in life and despising its brevity, peer into it first and then walk away satisfied.



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