Our Silver Machines

For a very long time we have tried to make contact with the human species. And to our alien (since we are to humans what they are to us) frustrations, and despite the innumerable and various signals, quite blatant and obvious in our opinion, humans might seem to be aware of us, but real contact so far has been no more definitive than witnessing solar fires from dreams. Some have indeed looked at us but not quite seen us in the same way humans see their world around them. The few who have seen us have failed to introduce us to the rest of humanity. They majority who have not seen us prefer unbeings which solely exist in their hyper extended minds. Never have mass humans truly bridged the outer world which divide us. Never have they really connected with us. Of course there have been many sightings down human time. We have been sighted by humans in various forms such as spirits, fairies, UFO’s and other material signals which, being thus imaginative, and having convinced a minority should, with persuasive words, be convincing to the majority. But generally these visitations are dismissed. How do we know? Well, we being everywhere, witness these rejections. And these material forms, having been dismissed, cause us great concern. We are happy to be mere dust, mere particles, mere bacteria, if humans are comfortable with these objects being our earthly bodies, but as yet they have given us no sign this is what they want. We’ve long known that flora and fauna, when they have appeared animate, is a stretch too far into the human’s outer limits. It has happened, and to recognize this, humans have created myths and legends which sit within the limits they have set. And there are the constellations of gods, goddesses, angels, demons and the like which humans have created to explain the unknown, but, we are not them. We have no wish to affect this quite cute little planet (apart from what dust and bacteria may do) and change its ways. The only planet replete with conscious life in the whole of space and time. We are here to make contact that is all. And for as long as humans have made themselves aware of the possibility of us, we have had only one goal, to make contact with them.

Oh we’ve tried. How we’ve tried!

We have stood before humans, dressed in our silveriest suits, attempting our usual contact, even so far as telepathically attaching some of our most treasured objects to their bodies, only for them to scream and trample the very ground on which they stand and cause fires and ground tremors, which consequently unsettled us, and we immediately vanished. We have tried the same type of contact but in human suits, also in casual wear, and out of desperation shamefully naked (we do not look good naked), but the results have always been the same. We’ve left our own physical traces such as intricately designed grasses and architecturally arranged rocks, but again to no avail. Humans call in their knowledge experts for the sole purpose of dismissing them as the results of natural phenomena. We have come to understand this is what human do, undermine the many opportunities to meet us by ignoring our signals.

Not all of our treasured items have we recovered. In our shelter we discussed this. Perhaps our silvery beads strung together by fine silver strands and designed to be multi worn as adornments over our bodies (humans would probably mistake us for their Lord of the Flies Beelzebub), particularly our sexual organs, should make it clear they are not of this earth. But no, and like other objects we have left behind, our silvery beads were made by wizards, and their bearers, bestowed with magical powers, are able to create miracles with them. Little do they know that the beads only work miracles when our engorged sexual organs fill the string of bead’s circumference, which is usually a half a meter in human terms, preventing our organs from chafing when they join.

We have also imprinted upon the human planet configurations of circles, rings, lines and other geometrical shapes in order to arouse stronger human interest in us. We made them perfect with not a strand out of place, and caused vegetation to lay flat and be arranged in different directions. We have built shapes upon shapes, and carved sheer edges, and interwoven long strands in various patterns. We did this while never touching the ground. We thought we were very convincing. No natural phenomena could ever be found by humans to do this! People who entered them reported strange feelings. We know this because we are made to be watchers. But after a few years, and to our horror, the designs were shown to be hoaxes in human minds. We know they weren’t.

We have gotten closer still.

Once, we landed one our silver machines in a private space behind a modest dwelling. There was soon a woman standing before her dwelling waiting to greet us. We opened our hatch and came out in our guise of silver suited beings, short in stature so as to not intimidate, and wearing what humans call neck ties to appear civilized. We spoke by gesturing toward a pointed object in her hands. She did not respond and instead looked at us with intent. She had black vessels covering her eyes and her thin mouth was a slit like ours. We brought out of our silver machine some food that we eat, which humans might like to call raw offal, and offered it to her. She did not move and suddenly she stepped forward and directed her pointed object at us. A noise was heard and something stung one of our comrades. A second noise was heard and another was stung. We did not like the look in her face and so we turned away and went back to our craft and took off into the sky.

There was also a very famous encounter when one of us, white robed and surrounded by light, appeared to an eighteen year old farm boy named Joseph Smith in his bedroom. While hovering above the floor, our comrade told the boy about an object, a silver parchment, which will be left in a secret location for the boy to discover in six years time. Joseph was chosen to reveal us to humans, the details being contained in the parchment. Six years later and despite the hints Joseph had been given he couldn’t find the parchment which described the one day in the life of our comrade on our planet. But because he had told many of his friends about the visitation, and to not disappoint them, Joseph secretly hid a box filled with golden plates engraved with cryptic symbols which Joseph had created and inscribed himself. He located them on top of a hill according to his vision, and by alien authority designated unto him, Joseph became custodian of the golden plates, and he proceeded to translate them using special translating glasses. Soon after he had finished the translations, his friends having witnessed him doing it, and having transcribed the words into a single book, the plates strangely disappeared along with the silver parchment, which our alien had attached to the underside of one of them before Joseph had first hid them. The initial contact between Joseph and one of us then became a mystical event rather than an otherworld encounter. The unbeing contact could only be mystical because there were witnesses, meaning the encounter became what humans believe to be a religious experience. What Joseph said subverted what was really meant to happen. And within a hundred years Joseph had thousands of followers and believers. A genuine opportunity to make contact the wider humanity had been lost.

We’ve appeared on what humans call film but again our efforts are dismissed. It really is quite frustrating and many a time we have wanted to just give up and return to our native planet which physically situates just above the universe’s horizon.

Why then has contact been so difficult?

It is something we have deliberated over ever since we came here over 40,000 human years ago. We have found humans to differ, argue, bicker, undermine and contradict one other over our attempts at presence. The difficulty too is that the more humans look into us the more elusive we become. At best humans accept us being visible enough to leave traces of ourselves, but invisible when it comes to any direct contact. It is true that our two worlds overlap weakly at best. But strength lies in mutual belief, where sympathy for strangeness and contrariness arise, and for the material and the imaginative, and the synchronicity of us and humans. And that we and humans are simultaneously object and subject, but which too easily separates into conflicting realms of perception, frayed over the seeming impossible.

But these obstacles won’t stop our attempts to make direct contact.






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