A Cunning Hemophiliac and other 100 word vignettes

A Cunning Hemophiliac

There was once a cunning Hemophiliac

Thinking he could exploit a local taboo

Whereby an object becomes a Chief’s

Should he spill his blood upon it.

And the Hemophiliac went around

Spilling his blood here and there

Saying to people those objects were his

Because he is their Chief.

But soon his enemies collected the blood and threw it into a pit of faeces, and then they threw the false Chief into the pit. Then they said “Behold the blood of the fraudulent Chief who has made a fool of you. See how easily it mixes with your excrement!”


Prophesy and Tongues

Within the Head of a Great Bank

There dwells a guardian spirit

And it must be protected

From harm and from injury.

No hand can touch it

Nothing must cover it

And it resides on the highest floor

So that none may walk upon it.

Some bankers speak in tongues to bolster themselves, for they seek to prophesy and strengthen the bank. They all speak in tongues when they chatter, but their tongues are even more exquisite when prophesying wealth. The ones whose prophesies are greatest are called to receive large bonuses.


Long Hair is no Glory for Men

It is the custom

Among fastidious hairdressers

That as soon as the hair has been cut

The remains are whisked away

For they contain remnants of clients,

Since the hair may either

Beatify those it contacts

Or contaminate them.

The hairdressers judge for themselves. Is it proper for clients to leave the salon with their heads uncovered? And does not custom itself teach that if a man wears long hair it is a disgrace for him, but if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For her hair is given to her to cover her sensual body.


Sibling Rivalry

A young girl disliked her brother so much

That she stole his bodily refuse

His clipped nails, snot and faeces

And wrapped them in gum leaves

Burying them as an effigy in the backyard

And casting a spell upon it

So that when it decayed

So then would her brother.

And so began her career practicing divination and fortune telling. She became a sorceress, a charmer, a medium, a necromancer. She inquired of the dead, sewing magic bands upon her wrists, making veils for the heads of persons of every stature, in the hunt for troubled souls.



It is believed among certain god worshippers

They will not reach heaven

Unless all matter is displaced from their bodies

And put in a safe place

And buried after death along with the carcass;

Since sacraments which release their spirit

Will also release

Their bodily effluence.

They enjoyed their bodily functions, and they dutifully watched their workings. They knew they had good processions and abiding ones. Therefore they kept their earthly confidence, which had great rewards. For they had need of endurance, so that when they had done the will of God they will receive what is promised.


Fraternal Love

In certain ancient customs

It is taboo to transfer blood

From one body to another

Or from body to earth

Unless as kindred spirits.

It is then that each nurtures the other

To bear immaculate fruit

For the love of the rest.

As is an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is the kindred beloved to each. With great delight they sit in each others’ shadows, and their fruit is sweet to taste. They go to their banqueting house, and there they declare their mutual love. Sustained with raisins; refreshed with apples, they are sick with love.


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