Riginal Osin

Riginal Osin says that children, with common sense guidance, should grow up sure that no one will deceive them.

Riginal Osin says that there are no sinners because there is no such thing as sin, only mistakes, forgivable and unforgivable.

Riginal Osin says that no one is sinful, from their conception to the grave. There is no wickedness at birth; at birth babies are vulnerable and cannot speak. As for God, that God is ever dead outside of the human imagination and dead from the invention of sin by theologians, in whose minds God lives. The evil ways of theology have created an imaginary ruler out of the air, a spirit who is works in those who crave power, that spirit is also called the ego. They need gratify their cravings for authority and ruthlessly do they follow a powerful desire to manipulate. Hence theologians should be the greatest objects of scornful wrath. The theologian’s typical pattern is one in which he lusts over his own words and uses them to cause emotional death in his victims, and to then raise them with hope and promises of eternal happiness.

The penalty for sin is not death. Death is death. It is convenient for theologians to link death as punishment for sin. Yet to not acknowledge oneself as a sinner is to rebel against a theologian’s God. This wrongful theological creation of sin lies at the root of all that is unsettling in religious belief. And those who pay lip service to their religion will satisfy contented theologians for they do not have to contend with dissent.

But What Is and What Should Never Be according to Riginal Osin.

The cruel teachers of sin, as many cruel teachers are to this day, try hard to maximise the serious nature of so-called sin. Their strategy has always been to get ordinary people to think less highly of themselves than they ought to think. These cruel teachers elevate a non being (whom they call God) into absolute holiness in order to make people feel they are less than the non being that created them, and thus deserving of the non being’s punishment.

The non being’s only son did not shed enough blood on that cross to atone for humanities wrongs, then and now. Behold, the impotent Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!

The Man’s virgin birth preserved Him from original sin; the one who lived in complete obedience to God, so that even his bitterest enemies could not convict him of sin. He offered Himself as a lamb unblemished and spotless, the final and complete sacrifice for humanity’s sins. And only true believers (theologians) do not sin because they abide in the man who died on the cross and they know him like he knows and loves them. No one who sins has seen Him or knows Him and cannot be loved by Him unless their sins are forgiven by the very theologians who created Him.

Anyone that knows Jesus Christ as the holy, sinless Savior, who came to offer Himself on the cross to forgive sins, does not live in sin. If someone lives in sin, it shows that he has not seen Jesus as He revealed Himself, and does not know Him as Savior.  A true believer practices righteousness, just as the man on the cross was righteous. Theologian show your face! Who are you? Where are you? The one who practices righteousness is righteous, just as the man on the cross was righteous. Come forth righteous ones, the ones without sin, for if they are without sin then they are the righteous people of the cross! If they are without sin then they created the man on the cross.

Riginal Osin dreams that children be protected from those who seek to deceive them; particularly those who practice righteousness, for they are hypocrites those who say they know the man of the cross. Because of the theological origin of sin and the purpose of the man on the cross, true believers cannot live in sin. They mustn’t. They don’t. They never sin. The righteous never sin. There are no righteous because every human sins!

The true theologian practices both righteousness and sin. He cannot know one without the other, but keeps his sins well hidden from the general public. Theologians demand that there be nobody on Earth who does not believe in the man on the cross. Decent people who do unto others as they would have others do unto them but do not believe have no place in the theologian’s Earth.

The rant of Riginal Osin

Oh theologians how they have fallen from heaven, O stars of the morning, sons of the dawn! They have been cut down to the earth, they who have weakened humanity! But arrogantly they all still say in their hearts, “We will ascend to heaven; we will raise our thrones above the stars of God, and we will sit on the mount of the assembly in the recesses of the north. We will ascend above the heights of the clouds; we will make ourselves like the Most High because we are the Most High!” Theologians say “We will! We want our way! We are righteous because we appear not to sin.” Whenever theologians acts in line with their self appointed will, while professing to submit to their created God’s will, they are committing the original sin of theology.

These are preachers of lifelessness through fear: and the earth is full of those whose resistance to a full life must have preachers.

Full is humanity of the superficial; marred is life by the antics of mind manipulation. May they be decoyed out of this life by the next life they so ardently yearn for.

These preachers have two colours, black on the outside and yellow within. They would rather cover the world in darkness and have the sun to themselves than divest themselves of their inner darkness.

There are the terrible ones who prey on young minds, and who appoint menial manipulators to do the same work, and have the choice to lust or self-laceration, but as always they do both, and then seek their master’s forgiveness.

They are unlikely to become men, these terrible ones: may they preach an exit from live for themselves, and leave everybody else alone.

These are the truly spiritually consumptive ones: hardly are they born when they begin to die, longing for the doctrines of sin and forgiveness to carry them away.

They fake being alive with God. But beware these lively ones for they welcome death with open arms. They meet the sick, the infirm, the young, and immediately they take their life away with solemn prayer.

They have but one eye, Cyclops for God, the only reason for their existence.

They are shrouded in thick melancholy and are eager for the little casualties that bring death. Thus do they wait, reading from the Text, licking their lips.

Appointed by God only their bodily odours smell like incense and myrrh.

They grasp at lollies and sweets, and mock their childishness: they cling to their straw of life, and mock their need to cling to it.

All life is suffering, theologians say, and suffering lives are always needy.

In their working pity for those less fortunate theologians will say that pity is necessary and that theologians must take whatever the unfortunate have to offer, and make the unfortunate person into something theologians want for themselves.

By being consistently pitiful, theologians make their followers sick of life. To not be judgmental, that would be true honesty.

And to all whom life is rough labour and disquiet, who are tired of life, come theologians, for the tired are ripe for the sermons of death.

To all whom rough labour is dear, and wonderful, new, and strange, they are encouraged to look badly upon themselves, to offer their diligence and labour to these ministers of God and forget who they are.

About Riginal Osin.

Riginal Osin was the only son of a factory worker and hotel maid. Raised in the suburbs, he nevertheless pursued theological studies in order to become a parish priest. Living piously at the seminary, he became attached to the idea of common sense, and applied it to his priestly studies so that he might enter the world equipped to deal with what life would throw at those in need. His morality was irreproachable, and he often gave his time outside of his mandates. He was of as sober mind and humble sustenance, as much in his deeds as in his relations with people.

He was a firm advocate of social justice, and many a time did he push his zeal too far for the bishops. Riginal would scorn the friends of his bishops when they sought favours and dispositions. His Archbishop was so troubled by Riginal that he publicly condemned him. And at Sunday mass directly afterwards Riginal in his sermon complained of the Archbishop’s treatment. This,” he said, “is the ordinary lot of a suburban priest. Archbishops, who are great lords, hold us in contempt and do not listen to us. And they turn a blind eye to the swindlers of the poor, performed by clergy and the lay. I am so frustrated by this gap between the people and the lords of theology that I have decided to resign and withdraw from this artifice and pursue the doctrine of common sense begun with Aristotle and still appropriate to today’s world”.

And what better place for Riginal to begin than at the beginning when theologians squeezed every bit of moist sweetness out of myth and fable and made them sinewy and bitter, calling this new product theology. Theologians cry crocodile tears for the woes of the vulnerable in need of a God to protect them. And how amazing it is that their words are the correct steps to heaven! How incredible that they are the appointed authority on how to correctly behave! How marvellous that such people exist! It is they who make believe a thereafter through threats and coercion, and to hell with an individual’s common sense view on their life.

And Riginal Osin would hire a Zeppelin and drop leaflets over his old parish until it was shot down by the Archbishop who condemned him. These leaflets talked about the value of common sense and its evil opposite theology. How the value of common sense is a positive thing and is directly opposed to vulgar authority and superstition.  Good sense need be nothing more than what the silent majority agree upon wrote Riginal. Plain, self-evident truths and conventional wisdom need no theological sophistication to embellish them, and no proof is required because these truths are easily supported by basic common sense, and the intellectual capacities and experiences of the collective unconscious. It was Descartes who stated that everyone has a similar and sufficient amount of common sense. To him however, it has not been used that well hence Riginal’s mission to promote it. A healthy scepticism and a sense of humour need be added as well, and a good grasp of plain and direct argument. Only then can common sense be of explicit value, and to hell with theology cried Riginal as he went down with the Zeppelin.



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