On the Experience of Rain

Many, many years into the future, a citizen of The Red Planet had sent an email to the planet’s newspaper editor curious about the lack of information on an almost forgotten weather phenomenon called raining. Little is mentioned of it except in school history textbooks where storms and floods were part of the old Earth’s […]

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I am Mary, touch me not

Beset by the symptoms of dysmenorrhoea an immortal Goddess Mary is no less immaculate, and she is loved by her faithful because of it. And though her cramping pain diverts from tradition, she is no threat to the orthodox past. And know that the word ’men’ though root to the word menstruation, is no coincidence, […]

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The Rise of the Ceasians

After the death of the First One, those who witnessed it went everywhere in the universe to tell of what they saw. Some of them travelled as far as they could go before they too died; at least two thousand light years from whence they came. At first they spoke only to the primitive life […]

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