Without Love and other 100 word vignettes

Still, it is not enough

A woman facing redundancy

Sought the help of a sorceress

Who prepared sweet foods and drink

To be offered to the guillotine,

Operated by a man under pressure

Praying he is not the one

To release the levers

When business gets really rough.

It is she who walks blamelessly and does what is right and speaks truth in her heart; she who does not slander with her tongue and does no evil to her neighbor, nor takes up a reproach against her friends; who swears by her own hurt and does not change.


Fly like An Eagle

So that husbands return with their pay

Wives, so as to not interfere

Refer to their husbands

As Eagles in the Sky

Saying to their children

The Eagle is coming home soon

And when it lands

They will have money to live by.

They empower the tired, and to him who has responsibilities they increase his strength. Even new fathers are weary, and young men shall feel exhausted; but they who wait for their wives shall renew their strength; they shall fly with wings like eagles; they shall work and not be weary; they shall work and not be tired.


Without Love

A tribe in the outer suburbs

Were given new mobile phones

On a day huge hailstones reigned down,

And they trashed them all

Because novelty and disaster

Do not sit well together

In the minds of a people

Too used to struggle and strife.

If they speak in the tongues of men, but have not love, they are like noisy gongs or a clanging cymbal. And they have war like powers, and understand violence and its methods, and if they have to means to take things but have not love, they are nothing.


The Prosperity Merry-go-round

There are some cultures now

Not mentioning the word Economics,

Instead when they talk about money

They say Keynes vs. Hayek

Or Government intervention

Or the free-falling Free Market

Because the word Economics

Has taboos attached to it.

They who feel the wind will not sow, and they who follow the clouds will not reap. And if they also do not know the way money comes to wallets and back accounts, they do not know the work of Economics. In the morning accounts should be checked and at evening doubt be withheld, not knowing what will prosper.


Good times, lost times

For many the past is dead,

And no matter how much revival

Is attempted by theologians

And other custodians of the past

The fact remains that nothing

Of how it was can be spoken of

And be given a true account

Other than it is ‘the lost one’.

How lucky for theologians that the past has not been seen, from the beginning of the world, nor will it ever be. For if those days had not been cut short, the truth would be remembered. But for the sake of theologians those days were indeed cut short.


The Actor’s Lot

As is the custom in Hollywood

When a child of an actor is born

A designated director would choose

The role of a past actor

And the child would have

To live like that actor,

And many have been known as

Jake or Dorothy.

They are doers of the script, and not just hearers. For if any actor is a hearer of the script and not a doer, the actor is like someone who looks intently at his natural face in a mirror. For if he looks at himself and goes away, he soon forgets what he was like.


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