The Rise of the Ceasians

After the death of the First One, those who witnessed it went everywhere in the universe to tell of what they saw. Some of them travelled as far as they could go before they too died; at least two thousand light years from whence they came. At first they spoke only to the primitive life forms they found, but eventually they discovered the most advanced life form humans, who lived on a blue planet called Earth. They came to Earth in alien form and through hypnotism they gave the Earth dwellers the impression that they were also human. They preached the Gospel of Death (which is what the first witnesses called their book) and many humans were willing to hear of it. The witnesses, who on Earth became known as preachers, had found that humans were easy to preach to because their minds were a writable blank slate.

The detail lay deep within the Gospel, and soon many believed in the life and death of the First One. They also believed that there is no life after death, and death’s reasoning occurs in the living mind.

The phenomena began in Los Angeles California where the preachers established a meeting place for every kind of American to gather together to hear about the death of the First One. These meetings helped the listeners forget their differences, for it came to pass that death unifies all. The news travelled to the largest gathering of skeptics, the Vatican City, that in Los Angeles even the skeptics there were coming to death. The Curia decided, after a time, that a Vatican official should go from Rome to Los Angeles and see this new meeting place where the open minded listening peacefully with the skeptic. For this errand, they chose Cardinal Beach, a pious man who had given up his position in Australia to help the blighted, and who had brought with him to the Vatican the Terminator which made the other Cardinals afraid of him.

Cardinal Beach took the long journey from the Vatican to Los Angeles. When he saw these new believers, so strong in their understanding of death, so united in their spirit, and so earnest in the Gospel of Death, he was saddened, and he spoke to them all, telling them they must rediscover the traditional belief that after death there is life and the place of life is Heaven, otherwise there is only oblivion. For Cardinal Beach was a pious man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith. But after he spoke he realised his words were baseless and empty, and looking upon the audience from a dark corner, he decided to go with them in their understanding of the unity of death.

The meeting place in Los Angeles was growing so fast that it needed humans as leaders and teachers. Master Pink, formerly Cardinal Beach, thought of friend Andre Taker, who had once been a bitter rival of his, and who had long left the Vatican a disillusioned man. Andre was at this time in New York, his original home, and to this place Master Pink went to see him. After finding him at a secret meeting place on 124th Street he brought Andre over to Los Angeles, and Master Pink and Andre stayed together for a year, going out together preaching the Gospel of Death to the people and teaching them how to understand death. It was in Los Angeles that the disciples of the understanding of death were first called Ceasians.

Over time other Cardinals left the Vatican City and came to Los Angeles. They had been secretly shown the Gospel of Death and the theology that all living things must pass, never to return. As soon as they had ditched their crimson robes they were ready to go to work. These men, because of their experience, took over the task of preaching the Gospel of Death from the alien witnesses who were dying out, and they became Prophets. One day the Prophets heard that a great computer virus, one which would shut down whole computer systems, was soon to plague all businesses and government in New York. This was in the days when Google was the search engine leader. The viruses had overwhelmed computers and mobile devices, and many users suffered from being unable to log on. When the followers of the Gospel of Death in Los Angeles heard that the people of New York were now in desperate need, they offered the services of their followers who were also hackers, to create programs to destroy the virus. They sent the Prophets Master Pink and Andre Taker with them. They introduced the hackers to the people of New York and stayed there until the viruses were completely destroyed. This is when the Ceasians became known as Good Samaritans.

After they returned to Los Angeles, Master Pink and Andre were then called to go together and preach the Gospel of Death to people in the many lands unfamiliar to the American people. They were chosen to go because the believers at their meeting place, who were talking about the meaning of death together, were so inspired by the deeds of Master Pink and Andre, it should be they who must do death’s special work overseas and far away.  After all, an understanding of death through the Gospel of Death will eventually reach even the most ignorant fanatic; and who better than they, the most capable, to spread the word.

Then the other Prophets sang The Prophet Song, and they laid their hands on the heads of Master Pink and Andre. And the two Prophets went down to the coast of the Pacific Sea and took a ship, and set sail for the islands of Hawaii. On that island they visited all the towns and villages, and preached the Gospel of Death in all the halls and meeting rooms.

At a place called Hilo on the east side of the main island, they met the local ruler of the island, a man named Bernard Amabo. He was a good man, and he had sent for the travelling Prophets so that he might learn from them the meaning of death. But with the ruler came a skeptic named Thomas, who also claimed to be a prophet, and who opposed Master Pink and Andre in their teaching, and tried to persuade the ruler not to hear the Gospel of Death. This Thomas preached that there is life after death and repentant human souls will meet their maker in Heaven and they will live forever in eternal bliss.

Then Master Pink, filled with such a strong feeling for Thomas, fixed his eyes on him, this false prophet, and he said, “O you truly are a man full of wickedness, you, the child of something evil, friend of the fanatical righteous, will you not give up your opposition to the Gospel of Death? The hand of death is nearly upon you, and you will go blind before your time, and you will not be able to look up at the stars.”

And all at once a dark mist descended upon Thomas, and he groped about blind, feeling for someone to lead him by the hand. When the ruler saw the power of these Prophets by making their enemy blind, he was filled with wonder, and instantly believed in the Gospel of Death.

From the islands of Hawaii, the travelling Prophets sailed over the sea to a place called American Samoa and went to the capital Pago Pago. There they went into the capital building and preached to the open minded and skeptics alike. Not many of the skeptics believed their words, but a good number of the open minded, people who had personal troubles with the skeptics, became interested in the Gospel of Death. This made the skeptics very angry, and they roused up against the travelling Prophets and they drove them out of town. They went to a small village nearby, and there they preached the Gospel of Death with such power that all who listened believed in the words. But still there were a few skeptics who would not believe and they stirred up the village against them. They gathered a crowd of people, intending to seize the travelling Prophets, and to do them harm, and to kill them. But they got a tip off from one of the converted locals and since their work was done, having planted the seeds of thinking about death, they quietly left the island.

They next went down to New Zealand, another country foreign to the American people and there they preached the Gospel of Death. There were few skeptics in the capital Auckland, but they caused no trouble, and they also preached to the indigenous people of the land who followed the traditions of Tapu. Among these was a dumb woman, who had never been able to speak. Master Pink fixed his eyes on her, and saw in her eyes that she had a strong sense of no life after death. Then he said to her in a strong voice, “Speak dear woman!”

And at the words the woman spoke her first words which happened to be the opening lines of the Gospel of Death – there no life after death, but those who can live their life to the fullest are free to fearlessly think about death. And empathy for those whose life is misery and long for death.

And the others who witnessed this exchange were filled with wonder, and they said, in their own language, “Happy are we who have seen how a new life is given by the prophets of death!”

Then the people put together a great feast in their honour. The elders said they will spread the Gospel of Death among their relatives and other clans nearby. And the feasting went of for three days and nights and for the first time the Travelling Prophets felt they could relax and enjoy themselves, for their work has been both tiring and stressful. But on the day after the feasting had finished a band of skeptics came down from Auckland. These skeptics stirred up the people against the travelling Prophets, saying that eternity await all sinners who repent, and these are false prophets who do not repent. The skeptics then incited the indigenous to capture the prophets and to kill them.

But there came great confusion among them for if these prophets were killed then where is the punishment, since they have lived a full and rich life according to the Gospel of Death, and instead they would become martyrs for the cause of the Ceasians, and they did not want to be responsible for that. They decided to fool the skeptics by saying they will poison the travelling Prophets which they did, and the two men lay motionless on the ground and satisfied the skeptics left. Then the indigenous revived the prophets with a special elixir and both arose and thanking the indigenous for their support they left New Zealand happy their work these was a success.

The next day they journeyed to Sydney, Australia, Master Pink’s homeland when he was Cardinal Beach. There they preached the Gospel of Death and brought many to its words. After this they went to all the cities and country towns and preached: to Melbourne and Geelong in Victoria, to Hobart and Burnie in Tasmania, to Adelaide and Port Augusta in South Australia, Perth and Broome in Western Australia, Darwin and Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, to Brisbane and Cairns in Queensland, not forgetting Canberra; and to many country towns in between. They encouraged the believers, telling them to continue in the knowledge of there being no life after death, and being Australians, renowned for their love of fun, life here is a natural way of understanding of the role of death in life.

And so began the early days of the Ceasians. It was never intended that the death of the First One be talked about, but the witnesses were so moved by the beauty of it, and knowing that theirs was also to come, they felt they had no choice but to spread the good news about death to all in the Universe.


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