Look into the Abyss and You will find Yourself

Once upon a time there was a man who was so vain it became a mental condition, eventually causing his demise. He was a man who thought he was better than anyone else, whose deeds he greatly exaggerated, and who felt he was so unique that he did not deserve to die. He knew everything about everyone but was a friend to no-one. He needed no insight, no empathy and no boundaries. He was sympathetic to his flatterers, thought anyone else to be useless, and on top of that he believed that his important world should be shared by all, if only they were astute enough to recognise it.

His self serving was limitless. If he needed friendship it was bought. Hatred of him merely boosted his ego. When questioned over a matter of fact he dismissed the question. In any discussion he would raise his voice. If he were bested in a sporting activity he would deny the loss. He saw himself as the Grand Man and he sympathised with others who could not be as Grand as he. He believed that none were good enough. And because he was a Man he had to have a Lady. He would swell his stereotypical charm whenever he needed a Lady, and he always needed a Lady. His latest was a simple woman who just happened to be on the lookout for a Man.

Finally God had had enough and struck him dead. Struck his poor Lady dead as well. They were an Item after all. But like everything God does, this killing was part of a plan, a plan to bring back an honest Hell, because Hell isn’t respected by anyone anymore. Bad behaviour is by design increasing in its sophistication; just ask the Academics who write copious papers to explain it, trying to show the way to its understanding, and God doesn’t like it. It is Time to return to good old fashion Retribution.

What is real Hell but a deep black hole, hidden from the ordinary world, and yet there it is right in the face of every living Soul – it being the Earth itself; Paradise and Hell spinning out of control as One. An indivisible World and Underworld lived by God’s children in Chaos. And only God understands Chaos’s Algorithms; for they are many to the power of many to the power of many and so forth; God’s children to be held forever in Chaos’s overwhelming Thrall.

According to God’s law Hell is the place set aside for the Damned. But how do the damned know they are damned, and how will they be sent to Hell if they do not know where it is and by what door they must enter? The Grand Man had found the answer, but he won’t be returning to divulge them. How must the Fallen know that Hell is the great abyss, a place of everlasting torments, with streams and lakes of fiery excrement never to be extinguished, with putrid atmospheres electrically charged with sonic hissing and canned laughter? Here is the place where Wicked Souls are eternally deconstructed for the amusement and pleasure of God’s doppelganger, the Masterful Satan.

God is merciful. He would prefer Sinners get a glimpse of Hell before it is too late, rather than filling up Satan’s chambers with Sinners who fail to Repent in time. And lately God has become very disappointed with his Church. Too many hypocrites run it in His name and by association have given Him bad press, particularly among Atheists. Hypocrites haven’t a clue on how to save Souls from Wickedness. God has decided He no longer tolerates the Head Bishop’s maxim – do as we say not what we do. And too few Clergy uncorrupted by lust, greed and power, and with goodness in their hearts, are able to deal with the complexities of Human Errors without a little help from Friends. There are too many Souls to be saved. Something has to be done, and from God’s actions new plans always emerge.

When the Grand Man was alive he bore an enormously gaping toothless Grin. Through God’s design he was buried standing with his neck broken, with his permanently rotting face upturned to look in its macabre way at the living, his bony face and gaping toothless grin covered by a square piece of clear armour plated glass and boxed in cement. Over it a sign has been erected – Look into Your Abyss. And when a Sinner looks into the Gaping Mouth, he or she will meet their peculiar Darkness, which is the gap between their Life and their Death. Through God’s design they will see everything about who they think and believe they are. Down there is their living True Self. Their Conscious and Unconscious merge there; the Darkness replaces their actively processing Brain, their Senses and their Perceptions are indistinguishable. Pleasure is Pain, Pain is Pleasure. Look into your Abyss and you will find yourself before it is too late, says God implicitly.

Two consequences of God’s design for killing the Grand Man have emerged. First He has given his Church the metaphorical Bird and second, all who choose to look into their Abyss can make an informed choice about what to do with what they see. This will not be easy; God once said life wasn’t meant to be easy, and when one looks into one’s Abyss what he or she will also see is the Wrath of God. If there is going to be forgiveness and redemption, it is better for people to look into Their Abyss before they die. This should prevent many people from sinning really badly, and the inevitable flood of damned souls pouring through Hell’s gates. Satan can only take so much and the overflow He’ll simply spew back up to Earth.

Freedom of Choice is what everyone wants, but it’s not what everyone gets. Not yet. And as the Word speaks, the queue to the Grand Man’s gaping skull grows ever longer. It had begun in the West. Richard Dawkins was seen in line, the Dalai Lama and Mickey Mouse. No Catholics yet, but God is infinitely patient. Some of them will Err, the Bishop types, and when they die they will definitely go to the established Hell. Satan is always hungry, and Satan is bored, and while God grapples with His creation’s Living Hell, Satan is kept restlessly waiting.

This gaping skull is the ultimate doorway to Hell. God has made this clear. They, who come to it with Pleasure and look into their Abyss with Pain, will feel Loss. They are in living Hell like those who do not know Pleasure and feel the same Loss. The Loss is their demons acting up before God. To cope some of these will say they made God up in their minds, or that they are God themselves. Some might run back to his disappointing Church. It’s a risk God has decided to take. For practical purposes Hell is made to be more real than Heaven. Happiness is fleeting and has no traction. God does not like to be wished upon. God is not Willing. God can’t take sides. Tragedy is real enough to be a department of Hell. The threshold of God is the Abyss the viewer comes to see; He who has never before been truly seen but is now, thanks to the gaping skull of the Grand Man, the doorway to the ever changing Moments in Life.


3 thoughts on “Look into the Abyss and You will find Yourself

  1. Some fantastic lines all throughout this. Excellent! I couldn’t comment from the WordPress reader, I don’t know if it was an issue on my end or the setup of your site, I’d hit the comment bubble and nothing would happen. Just thought I’d let you know.


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