The Psychedelic cabbage shirt or how a Warthog turned out to be rather tasty

It has no beginning. Looking back it was and looking forward it is. Suppose one has to give it a name. How about Ingnoth. That will do. The universe. There is no end to Ingnoth. Take a point and travel from it. Ingnoth must have a beginning, and an end surely! Just travel. I travel, U travel. The journey will be infinite. We travel is finite. Join one traveller to the next. When one traveller dies the next continues on and on, and so forth. All will die and still the end has not been reached. The point is Earth. The direction is from any point on Earth as it rotates. Time goes forward. Light comes to Earth in reverse. From where does light come, out there, in the black, sprinkled with stars. Star light in pitch black. The stars give out light when they die. They are dying all the time. Just as new stars are born. They could be planets. Something is keeping them there. Ingnoth’s forces perhaps.

The word Ingnoth is a reference to Tolkien. He created a beginning for his worlds. He created worlds of beings. Strange beings. It began with Eru in the Silmarillion which was thought and immediately offspring came from Eru’s thought. And then into the void came Earth and then spirits began to inhabit it. And then they clothed themselves with bodies and brought forth other lesser beings, including men, or rather at the time of reading this, humans. And that it was a great literary achievement; Tolkien creating a fantasy world and fantasy beings to inhabit them. And there’ve been others. His great influence Old English Mythology which came before him had in them imagined worlds. Ingnoth, the beginning point (the psychedelic cabbage shirt) of a tale below, has obviously come after, and is now, in literature, before many more imaginary worlds.

The human euphemism for Ingnoth is probably God. Three letters which describe the unimaginable, the unthinkable, a phenomenon (how else to describe something incomprehensible) which before the human imagination, had no description, nor time, distance, nor any human value, until it was projected upon when first seen in the night. When a pair of eyes, or more, looked up and noticed, comprehending the experience, slow like a slug perhaps when it crawls into a drain, comprehending something which stirs emotion for which there are no words, which strikes wonderment, awe, fear, an emotion a slug does not have. Which is why a slug remains a slug perhaps!

That was a long time ago. Archaeologists are looking for that time.  Books have been written which claims to name that time. But by then humans were well advanced, and not with the brain of slugs. One can hold Ingnoth is their hand. Just imagine it. Ingnoth, the endless universe, in one’s hand. U hold Ingnoth in my hand. It can be anything U want it to be. It can be a stick of fairy floss sprinkled with sparkly little sweets which light up in the night. It can be a black fog. It can be what U see when the sun disappears over the shoulder of that hill yonder. Or it can be something like what Ingnoth is imagined to be.

Gods have come and gone. The latest one has hung around for a reasonable length of time. Certainly on a par with Pagan and Egyptians Gods. A couple of thousand years so far. But as humans begin to really go ‘out there’ this God will probably shrink, eventually ending up in the palm of someone’s hand. A non believer. Then poof! It’s gone this God. But there’s another on the way. Its name might be Ingnoth. But as humans go out there Ingnoth might also shrink. And in human time when in billions, not thousands of future years, Ingnoth might produce something real, tangible, of memory and evidence, rather than of hope and myth. The Earth perhaps. This little blue speck dangling in a black void with a Sun looking at it to keep it warm, and filled with the only life forms in the whole of the endless Ingnoth. Imagine that! Billions upon billions of human years in which the Earth has been the only life giver. This Garden of Eden. This Nirvana. This Heaven. And whatever names have been given to the perfect world of the past.

In human minds there has to be things, some things, and even no things, and not for very long. Some things stay in the mind until the mind dies. These same things are also shared by other minds. These things will never die while there are minds which have thoughts of things in them. No things mean emptiness, a void. No human mind can be empty for very long. Not even Ingnoth is completely empty. Although it has such space in between what it contains, the stars, planets, asteroids and the like, that to the human eye it will appear empty. The mind also. Doing does not necessarily mean thinking. Nor being. There are dreams and memories to remind the thinker that there is being. Ayn Rand could not be without her thinking. And she knew it!

And now here’s a tale associated with Ingnoth.

This great blue world, on which there is life, is very old; so old that none as yet can tell when it came into being. Long before there was the earth, or sun, or stars, Ingnoth is, for Ingnoth never began to be. It always is. And long, long ago, Ingnoth during its change, brought forth planets, such as the earth, and other unaccountable matter. The earth was not stable as it is now, with mountains and valleys, rivers and seas, with animals and forests. It was probably a great smoking ball, with land and water mingled in one mass, steaming and evolving and erupting. No human could have breathed its air, no animals could walk upon it, and no fish could swim in its steaming oceans. There was no life upon the earth.

After billions of years of settling down the Earth strangely, perhaps randomly and without cause, made itself ready for life, for it was balanced in such a way that life could emerge. And in legend Ingnoth then made way for the current God, a cause, who took some of the dust that was on the ground, and out of it this God made beings and God breathed into them the breath of life, and the beings became alive, and stood up on the earth.

And so that the beings might have a home, the current God created a quite green space, at a place where two rivers met two snow capped mountains. The space was ringed by Cyprus trees, and there were many varieties of flowers. This place came to be known as “The Garden of Eden,” a kind of Paradise, because the Earth was anything but, and this God had in mind to create a fantasy place for future human beings to wistfully look back upon when their times become troubled.

And naturally Earth’s beings must procreate and multiply and in this God provided the necessary bodily equipment for it to happen. This God probably never anticipated that this ‘natural’ equipment would eventually become obsolete, meaning that eventually conception would also take place outside of the womb, and two or three or more of the same gender could also become parents. But this is another story which might also involve this God’s greatest adversary Satan.

For a long time, and archaeologists are yet to discover what happened there, but in this fantasy place there was apparently peace. The beings and creatures which were living at the time actually got along and there was no eating of each other, no starvation and thirst, no stuff, just a life of simple bliss. And no death. The intelligent beings did just as this God told them to do, and they talked with Him as a person now  talks with their best friend; and they did not know of anything evil or wicked. It was needful for the intelligent ones to understand that they must always obey this God’s commands. They can eat the fruit off the trees in this paradise but they can’t eat meat. If they eat meat, then there will die. The beings asked this God what ‘die’ meant and he said “It means you will stop being self conscious and your minds will go blank forever, and your bodies will wither and dry up and there will be nothing left of you except your dust.”

Now among the animals in this green space there was a warthog: and this warthog sidled up to a female being which was made to conceive and then carry the newborn in her womb and it said to her “Eat me”.  At first she was repulsed. Eat a warthog, never? Too ugly, too tough, and besides how will I kill it? And also I will die if I eat this warthog.

Then the warthog said, “No, you will not surely die. This God knows that if you eat me you will become as authoritarian as He himself, for then you will know what is good and what is evil.” But she resisted because she asked herself what is good and evil anyway, and who cares.

The warthog rolled over and showed her its pink belly. Then it rubbed its belly and said “Eat me”. She listened to the warthog, and then she looked at the rosy pink belly and as she really looked at it she thought that it might taste good; but still she didn’t care for this good and evil stuff.  She brought her best friend and lover over and asked his opinion. And he too liked the look of the warthog’s pink belly because he was getting rather bored with being a vegetarian.

But as soon as the thought simultaneously crossed both their minds they wondered whether they were disobeying this God’s commands because they shared the same thought even though they actually hadn’t done anything. In doubt and in fear they hid themselves in a secret nook where they normally make love, and thus be away from prying eyes, particularly this God’s.

And of course this God found them out. And being a male He naturally blamed the female for her thoughts and deceit and for bringing in her male lover as confident. And of course He was always watching them make love. How naive were they! And this God said to the female, “What is this that you have done?” And she said, “The warthog told me that it would do me no harm if I ate it, and I thought about it, that’s all.”

Then this God said to the warthog, “Because you have led these two to do wrong, you shall no more be eaten as other animals; you shall stay ugly and be shunned forever. You shall hate human beings, and they shall hate you. You shall try to kill her and her children, and her children’s children forever, and they shall try to kill you.”

And this God said to the female, “Because you confided in your lover about eating this warthog, you shall suffer and have pain and trouble all the days of your life. And also you shall be the temptress and be the cause of all male’s troubles.”

And this God said to her lover “Because you confided with her and shared your thoughts, you too must suffer. You must work for everything that you get from the ground. You will find thorns and thistles and weeds growing on the earth. If you want food, you must dig and plant and reap and work, as long as you live. And you both having come out of the ground, for believe it or not you were made of dust, so back again into the dust shall your bodies go when you die.”

And because the two beings had disobeyed the word of this God, they and all the other beings, human and animal, were driven out of the beautiful ‘Garden of Eden’, which this God had made specially to be their home. They were sent out into the wide world; and the garden was destroyed to become a fantasy place for future human beings to yearn for.

And what of the warthog? The two beings came across it years later when they were very old. They managed to kill it and they put its flesh on a fire and they cooked it. And the cooked meat was very tasty and word got around that meat was not murder, but good. But then did that mean human flesh as well? And at this God thought what have I done!



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