Plain Virginia and her controlling Lovers

This little tale is about a woman whose point of view contradicts those of the men who say they have known her carnally. And these men have said all sorts of things about her since they found out that she had given birth to a boy named Adam. Virginia has in turn retaliated by calling them heretics because they refuse to believe that she is not a virgin and that she is a sinner just like them.

But once the media was drawn to the attention of the problem (one or more of the men had obviously blabbed) a media inquiry was set up to get the facts.

Lover Leo, sitting in his lounge chair, told one interviewer (a researcher into virginity) that if Adam has human blood in his veins, then he is defiled, and he would have no claim on him. Instead from him Adam’s blood is perfect, pure and precious; untainted. The vessel that is Adam’s body is purified having been conceived by his seed and born from Virginia. His birth was definitely virgin because Virginia is sinless and Adam won’t be corrupted by any sort of sin when he grows up. Leo, who has a bit of a God complex, is currently unemployed and hopes that Virginia will get back with him when he’s got the all clear from his psychologist; and the restraining order over him is lifted.

Pius is adamant that Virginia’s hymen didn’t break during their lovemaking. And Adam, their child, passed through Virginia’s womb as a ray of sun passes through glass. It is the same emergence as Jesus had done; from a sealed tomb with no evidence of the entrance being breached. Adam had passed through Virginia’s womb without breaking her hymen and causing her pain.  And if Eve came out of Adam’s rib with no pain while he slept, it also follows that Adam, his son, came out of Virginia’s vagina without pain. This is Pius’s logic. It is a fact however, that Pius wasn’t actually at the birth.

Pius and Virginia’s other lovers, it should also be said, are Catholics. They have no trouble in believing that their sinless Virginia will one day be going to Heaven, just like THE Mary in her Annunciation, and indeed her baby son Adam is currently negotiating with God to get her there. They think Adam is quite capable of getting Virginia straight into Heaven without the usual confessions and forgiveness ordinary Catholics must endure. This situation follows on from the traditional doctrine of the Immaculate Conception. And what sincere Catholic man is not primed to believe in another? Her lovers believe that Virginia was sinless at the instance of her conception, and it follows that she will be preserved from the effects of sin, which is of course the deterioration of the body after death. She will be going to Heaven body AND soul, the men chant in their sleep.

While Paul was with her he said to her that she is absolutely alone in her radiance. That she is wholly beautiful in every respect.  That there in her no stain, nor any spot. “Dear lover Virginia, most sweet, all-pure, absolutely immaculate, all-stainless, all-undefiled, all-incorrupt, all-inviolate flower unfading and pure violet woven by God, alone most lady-like. Blessed Virginia, immaculate and pure you are the sinless mother of your son. You are holy and inviolate, the hope of the hopeless and sinful; I sing your praises. I praise you as full of every grace. I venerate you; I invoke you and implore your aid. Lovely and perfect Virginia, be my intercessor and advocate at the moment of my little death. You alone are more beautiful than all others; for there is no blemish in you, nor any stains upon your soul.” Strong words from a man who was with Virginia just once; and indeed after his little death came a short stint in outpatients the following day.

Now the happy loins of Gregory which produced the seed which inseminated Virginia’s immaculate egg are no longer happy. He’s planning to take Virginia to court in order to prove her virginity. His said to his interviewer that his one-eyed serpent had never entered her vagina; rather it went into that holy tunnel that only a love God such as he was meant to go.

Her poet Adrian lover has written of Virginia as innocent, without spot, void of culpability, holy in body and in soul, a lily springing among thorns, untaught the ills of Eve nor was there any communion in her of light with darkness, and, when not yet born, she was consecrated to God.

Her poet lover Eugene writes of a noble Virginia, who is truly greater than any other greatness. For who is her equal in greatness, O dwelling place of Adam my son, the fruit of her womb? To whom among all creatures shall he compare her, O Virginia? She is greater than them all. O Ark of the Covenant, clothed with purity instead of gold! She is the ark in which is found the golden vessel containing the true manna, that is, the flesh in which pure virginity resides.

A fear had entered Virginia, and she got for herself a private abode on Maatsuyker Island off the coast of Tasmania; away from the rampant rumours of her perpetual virginity. Adam’s origin is certainly different, but his human nature is the same as everybody else. It’s just that he will never know who his true father is. But even as her conviction grows yet a new lie (the truth to her Catholic lovers) about her is now circulating, even in Vatican circles. The infant Adam is apparently preaching and writing that his mother Virginia, is not his actual mother, rather she is the Virgin Mary who has returned to earth to give birth to a second son!

And Fabian is firm in his belief that he did not know Virginia carnally until after she had brought forth his son Adam, and it does not follow that he knew her before that. On the contrary, it meant that he tried to know her physically, but had prematurely ejaculated in his pants. This babble she puts on is without justification. She has neither noticed nor paid any attention to either Scripture or the common idiom. Fabian believes he is the Holy Spirit. The researcher understood Fabian’s pain and left his sheltered residence in awe of his imagination.

The marketer John says of her that she is full of grace, proclaimed to be entirely without flaws. Nature’s grace fills her with everything good and makes her devoid of all evil. Nature is of her, meaning that all she does or leaves undone is divine and is the action of the divinity in her. She is rightly called not only the mother of the boy Adam, but also the Mother of Nature and it is certain that Virginia is the Mother of the real and true World. John is a Catholic who best demonstrates it when vulnerable at the confessional.

These Catholic men have crowded all her glory into a single phrase – The mother of their Adam. No one can say anything greater of her, though there are as many tongues in the world to proclaim her, as there are leaves in the Black Forest. And she is so full of grace they proclaim her to be the only woman, after Mary, to be entirely without sin. Their love has filled her with everything good which makes her devoid of all evil. Their love is with her. Everything she does or leaves undone is divine and derives from the action of their love in her. Moreover, their love guards and protects her from all that might be hurtful to her. Except the one problem, their dispute with her over her non virginity and self proclaimed sinfulness.

They argue, let those who deny Virginia’s son having a nature born from his fathers’ and which is proper to his essence, also try and deny that he takes his multiple personalities from each and every one of them. Just let them try it, these atheists, these mockers, these who are filled with nothing but utter contempt. They make this joke – When is a fairy story not a fairy story? When adults believe it.  But they are Catholic and they overcome such insults with pained prayer. They will forgive those who trespass against them, and Jesus, like them, is going to return anyway. And they will love their virginal Virginia even as she says she isn’t. For she is no fairy story to them!

Adam is the perfect son of these Catholic men. He for them and for their sanity, came dancing out of Virginia’s womb, having taken flesh; he who was born perfectly of the lovely Virginia, their lover, the virgin mother of their son. A belief she needs to dispute for her credibility and sense of self worth.

After all the evidence had been gathered from the interviewers and researchers, for there were many Catholic lovers other than those here quoted, the media inquiry found that as they had been Virginia’s lovers, as well as the Virgin Mary’s, they must first reconcile being unfaithful to the Virgin Mary, before the inquiry can exploit their claims.

The experience of her Catholic lovers groaning in travail is something difficult for Virginia to deny, for she is the cause of all their joy. And as such her men are fearful at the thought that another birth might issue from the same womb from which their Adam danced forth. For the boy Adam alone has chosen to be born of Virginia; having been inseminated by the seeds of her Catholic lovers at the birthplace of Adam’s flesh and blood.
And in harmony with Catholic reasoning Adam must remain the only fruit of these Catholic men for whom purity and perpetual chastity is the cause of Virginia being the first among their women, including their own mothers. For it is not her place to ascribe to any other standing than her being the virgin issuer of their first born fruit. There must therefore be no other.

In being born of Virginia who never chose virginity and sinlessness, Adam must approve of Virginia in his fathers’ eyes rather than dismiss her. Such is his infant precocity. And Virginia must be free of free choice even though she is no slave to anyone. It is not the visible sun, but the invisible love of her men who consecrates Adam’s birth. Virginia, fertile of womb and integral in her virginity, had brought him forth, making Adam visible for the world. A Virginia conceiving, a Virginia pregnant, a Virginia bringing forth, a Virginia perpetual. Why should she not wonder at her uniqueness!

That same energy, which pushed the body of the baby Adam through Virginia’s un-penetrated vagina, had also brought forth in men’s imagination a similar mother and offspring, some two thousand years ago. That mother is still venerated by many, many Catholic men. Virginia should take note.  Her immortality is not that far away provided she does not get pregnant again. But beware these men, Virginia, for they are now looking for you.


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