J.I.S.M. and M.I.S.M: or Jesus and Muhammad Inspire Servant Memes

– part of a dialogue from where its Genesis came from bacteria living in fleas burrowed into the back of a feral cat stalking a starling and which miraculously came to be heard as two very loud voices by a stunned pedestrian curious enough to eavesdrop and record it on her iPhone and so miss the meeting which might have changed her life.

J: I say to you my brother that living folk might do things with love, which is in itself good; and yet the same might also do the same with hate, an evil; and then I say, as things stand here beneath the firmament and beyond it, the evil of hate is greater than the good of love for there is much suffering over which I anguish.

M: How inevitable it is that when folk do both good and evil they still suffer, and they despair and think they are better off with just one or the other, for there is certainty in each without the other, and because of this the righteous must make laws in a way that favour the good.

And God, as given to folk, is the origin and nature of good and evil. But for folk to speak as though they are good when there is hatred in the hearts is an insult to good, which the just feel they have every right to retaliate against. Still, the minds of the evil are filled with good thoughts, and while their evil is manifest they will plead Satan’s influence.

Surely there is no folk who can be called good if, after they have submitted to the Devil’s wares, they argue how truly they were unable to resist.

God sees everything and evil to them that evil thinks.

Life and death is under the will of Allah always.

Those who practice the double act of good and evil do so freely, they having not the power to be either or: having been given both by God to do what they will, they merely watch themselves to see where the desire will lead them; then shall they discover in the very act of good and evil as they travel along the same motive line, following their passion, which their natures deems.

I contend that no-one, believers or not, would not keep their hands off what is their own, with or without force.  If they are right they are like God among the rest. With the right and powerful Words behind them, then all power to them.

The Words in the Bible.

The Words in the Quran.

Folk inwardly sense they are just out of necessity, for there is no safety in being unjust, since the eyes of the just are everywhere looking for wrong doers.  Folk believe in their hearts that good bearing justice is far more profitable, for they are seen to be just and are thus not invisible to the world. From visibility come the rewards. Money, romantic love, security.

But if we speak of God and form a real judgment of the lives of the good and just, we must name them; there is no other way; and how is their naming most effected? By encouraging the good and just to be entirely such; fill their minds and souls with the true origin of the Word, so that they are perfectly fuelled for the work of their servant lives.

Then let the good and just possess the most distinguished of manners; like skilful angels, who know intuitively their own powers and limitations, who, should they sometimes fail, are able to recover and carry on in a better manner.

Indeed let the good make just attempts in the right way, and be outspoken to be great in goodness, and be found out for it and praised, and made good in God’s eyes: for the highest reach of goodness is to be deemed great when there is still doubt.

I would say that in the perfectly evil we must assume the most perfect incomprehension; when there is no judgment left to dismiss the evil, when even the most horrid acts acquire the greatest reputation for something which is no longer evil.

But if the evil could take a grander step than what God wills, it allows for unexpected redemption to show its hand. No mere falsities can impede good intentions, as when evil learns to speak with effect, bringing light to deeds previously condemned, forging the perception of a lack of courage and strength, and commanding weak followers and friends.

The ordained good made just and righteous glow in nobleness and simplicity, and wish to be not seen as evil. And in place is uncritical seeing, since good cannot be known without evil being known. But if evil is mistakenly seen to be just the doer is sure to be honoured and rewarded, and then who is left to question whether the doer is really just for the sake of goodness or for the sake of honours and accolades? It is best for the doer to be naked, and have no other covering; and be imagined in a state of a new life redeemed from the former.

Let the doer become the best of the best, and let the doer’s enemies think of him the worst; then the doer will show proof; and we shall see whether the doer is motivated by the fear of rejection or for the true love of love.

And let the doer continue thus to the hour of death; being just and good seeming to be no longer evil. When good has reached its extreme, the one of justice and righteousness, judgment will be made, first by the folk who adored the doer and then by God on judgement day. Which will be happier in heaven, the good doer who remained good until the end, or the reinvented evil doer who is in heaven also?

Perhaps the folk who mistake the evil doer as a good doer are the best to decide. For they too have the right of redemption for their errors.

Yet they might err when deciding this since God has granted folk the dilemma of uninformed free will.

They could be mistaken.

The Word of God is their only guide.

Through the followers of Jesus.

Through the followers of Muhammad.

Folk, because they make mistakes, are born to be forgiven. It is the pathway for articulating the good Word. Folk are destined to fail themselves. And there is God, the master, unerring; and being unerring commands what is best for Him, which coincidentally, is what is best for folk, and the folk are required to execute His commands and do good in His name; and therefore justice is the providence of His subjects.

The Word is their sword. By force of God’s will and the right application of the sword let their arguments for good prevail. In the end death is the key to everlasting paradise. There is no life but living for death.

The shepherd wields the sword. And he thinks of his flock needing him for guidance, for protection; his sheep who follow him.

The sword is for their good. The infidel is not far away over the next hill. They would rather believe in their sorcery than believe the simplicity of the shepherd at his work tending his flock. The infidel wants more. What the infidel gets the sword will cut away. Heaven forbids those except the humblest of minds.

Humble is the kingdom of God. The good will have shed their earthly wants in heaven.

The shepherd is the greatest of all artists. For he is concerned only with the good of his flock; he has only to provide the best for them, and the perfection of this art is assured because all the flock’s needs are perfectly satisfied.

My Lord is our shepherd.

Allah is our shepherd.

With the shepherd’s help evil will not overcome them, and since the God-shepherd’s sheep are innately good they will overcome evil.

The shepherd who guards against evil puts his flock in a safe place, in fields, in meadows, and in places of worship.

Sheep cannot call evil good and good evil. It is up to the shepherd to tell them the difference.

It is for the shepherd to invite his sheep to follow the path to truth with wisdom and astonishing words. They who stray know that guidance is near at hand.

The morals of wolves are the sheep’s bad company.

Wolves are without truth. Sheep truth stands out clearly from error. The sheep that rejects evil and has faith in the shepherd have been grasped by the most trustworthy, unfailing hand of the shepherd.

The sheep obey, like servants, and they are virtuous.

There is the law of the shepherd and a way of life for the sheep prescribed by the shepherd.

In bad circumstances the sheep rejoice in their sufferings, knowing that suffering will give them endurance, and endurance will give them character, and their character hope, and the greatest hope is that the shepherd’s love for his sheep remains poured over them even through winds and rains which has been given to them in the seasons.

The shepherd belongs to all directions and wherever the sheep look they will see the shepherd’s face.

No sheep is wise with its own eyes. They fear the shepherd and know they are turned from evil.

The best of the shepherd’s sheep are those who remind the others of the shepherd. The shepherd’s flock are his family; and all are equally beloved by him, because they share the same love for him.

Very true for this is what sheep must do. And there must be no room for one to gain any sort of advantage over the next. All must be equal in the God-shepherd’s eyes.

Simple folk please each other when they do good. And they must strive for perfection for evil to be kept in abeyance. For it is God’s will that there is the potential for evil amongst all folk in order to remind them of him and his wrath.

The just will rise to be wise and good.

And those without the nature to do so will not.

The alike in those shall gather power together over the rest.

When the God-shepherd is quiet appearing to not look over his flock.

The powerful are wise.

Those who are not are foolish.

And there is redemption available.

There is always hope that fools are redeemable.

When the God-shepherd is looking for them.

Priests and Imams are His appointed guides.

It is they who possess the knowledge to teach the ignorant.

The wise teachers who are also good.

Much more good than the ignorant.

The ignorant must be taught to think wisely.

God’s Word is said to be graspable with faith.

Yes, and through the church.

And through the mosque.

This is a multi-cultural world.

And the ignorant will become wise.


Then the new wise and good will not desire to gain advantage over those who have come before.

Unless they profess wisdom but secretly remain bad and ignorant and desire to gain more.

So it is that the right and just must be the wise and good, and the unjust the evil and ignorant.

The just are just as proven by the actions.

And if the just must spill the blood of the ignorant, who are deemed so because they reject the just, the action is justified because the wise and good are possessed by the authority of God’s just Word.

From the God–shepherd comes good to those who hope in Him and pray to Him, and to their yearning souls which seek Him.

If there were no souls there would be no Him.

For He is the breath in all souls past, present and to come.

And for those souls who do not know that He breathes in them there is thankfully the Word.

If only the weak, proud, ignorant and wicked would listen!

There is still time my friend. The world is never too big for Jesus and Muhammad.

Only when their followers disagree should the God-shepherd intervene and point the way of unity.

So far so good. They have learnt to regard the others’ interpretations of the same Word with respect.

There will come a time when all are to be just and good, even the heathen and the unbeliever.

To be perfectly good is the preeminence of God alone.

To be human is to err. Yet God, out of perfect love, will forgive any who struggle to be like him who still fall.

There was the first fall.

It must be so for He is the cause of all things and the desire to be good belongs to Him alone, for it is through Him that all things exist and subsist. The greatest thing which is desirable is love, and the most natural purveyor of its likeness is God.

There are no adequate words to describe Him. If there were, He is not God and there is no God.

Folk live without reason if they assume they came from out the past representations of their selves bypassing an original creator while simultaneously having no part in the creation of the universe.

Before the first there was God. First there is water and soil. From their seed came life. And it came in many confused forms. And from there came folk. It is well that God was the creator since He is the best of all creators. It is He who has a plan. He who gives form. He who guides. He who will be met at the end of days.

There is but one God. There is no god other than Him, who is compassionate and merciful. In the creation of the heavens and the earth, in the alternation of night and day, in the waves that reach the shores, in the water sent down from clouds to revive the earth after drought, in the different species of fish and animals scattered across the earth, in the blowing of the winds, in the firmament which mediates between heaven and earth, in all of this, there are signs for folk to use their intellects in the service of God. Folk must reflect with care and see what things the heavens and the earth contain.

Newborn folk from infancy should know that before their time there were customs and cultures that occurred and they are to be encouraged to see the fate of those who denied the truths of revelation and the promises of God.

The obvious signs are here in the world and in the souls and inner beings of the living folk making it clear that God is the Truth. There are signs for those who seek certainty, for it is to them who see the beauty of God’s creation, and there is no excuse for any misguided denial of God.

God is the supreme good simply. There is nothing else like God’s simplicity for it is the most excellent. And in relation of God to folk what is knowable relies on the relationship between what is known to the knower and what the knower seeks, when knowing God depends in Him who is unknown in the real sense except through the portal of faith.

These words are sufficient reply to the every mad objection of dissenting unbelievers.

Thanks be to God for His words. It is His will that when an infidel dies at the hands of a believer the infidel’s death shall not be in vain.





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