Sternum Music

A committee of an elite fellowship have gathered to humiliate one of their own found to have committed a heinous crime against tall poppyism, and herewith they are to decide upon a suitable solution. Justice is waiting for this person, who is known as G, which can be sanctioned only by The Omniscient and which […]

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The Resurrection of Gershwin Waltz

This is a story of how Gershwin Waltz came to be resurrected and the apparent truth of his resurrection thereof. There have of course always been resurrections; many recorded going back to ancient Egyptian times. The most recent resurrection is that of Jesus Christ, verified in the Bible and made impossibly true through witness and […]

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Ibsen’s Job is to Sort the Mail

The return address of 1979 Merewether Road, Silver Town on this dead letter is one which might change the enigmatic life of postal worker Ibsen Davenport. The addressed destination is his mum’s. Ibsen has been a long time worker at the mail centre. Though he is friendly he rarely interacts with his co-workers. Over a […]

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Glam City

The narcissist Joe Smith is the person whom he need love the most. And one time when Joe was a young man he became a prisoner of his least self, the latent shy, compassionate person, the one who had holed up shamefaced in a cold little bedsit in the Hampstead area of London. But one […]

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The Only Flag Must Be Her Skin

In Greek mythology Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sexual desire. It was said that she was born of the seminal fluids that flowed from the severed genitals of Uranus. She is the most beautiful of all the female gods and her love is most desired. Many gods and mortals have loved her, […]

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